Polite beggars

I have created monsters. Adorable ones, but monsters.

Status report

So there’s a glass. With liquid in it. And it’s filled halfway to the top. I can do this.

Pride of place

This was supposed to be a shot of Chuck enjoying a warm afternoon, but not according to Her Majesty.

Her direwolf

Not as big as the ones you’ll find in books written by paleontologists, but her bark makes up for all of that.

And, lo, the battle continues

A portrait of the artist that is so misleading you wouldn’t forgive him either if you knew the truth.

I put my paw up on this step

I step, you step, we step.

Salad for lunch

Just one of at least a dozen servings of vegetables he should be eating a day, right?

Two puppies in the yard

In a previous life Marlo was a fish. Or a golden retriever. Or Jacques Cousteau.

Delicious morning sunshine

The dogs fur coats are so confused: to shed or not to shed?

Today I like her better

The rare occasion when I would recommend you ruin your life with a Miniature Australian Shepherd.