Exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point

One of the drawbacks of maintaining a public website as anyone who has done this will tell you is that the longer you keep writing online the more people you are likely to piss off. At the same time you are also likely to touch more people’s lives and make more connections, more friends, and [...]

Clarification in response to a recent email

Subject: i like you, but… Email: “You are sounding like a bigot. Several weeks ago you had a post with an intolerant jab about ‘Prince being gay…’ [this post here featuring a diary entry I wrote at age ten that does nothing but show what an IDIOT I was] and today’s comment about ‘…all the [...]

Email: I salute you, Texas

Dear Heather, I just returned from the Austin Convention Center after working all day with Katrina Evacuees. Austin is hosting 5,000 people and all I can say is that after seeing what 5,000 clean and safe evacuees look like, I can’t even begin to imagine what the Superdome or even the initial arrival at the [...]

How am I driving? Call 1-800-SUCKMYBIGTOE

Gone are the days when I could watch what I wanted to watch while Leta drinks her bottle. Yes, I should probably turn the television off and just enjoy the beauty that is a baby sucking down lactose but that would make it seem as if I like motherhood, and that is not at all [...]

Point of clarification

Oh dear. It seems as if I have offended The Small Penises. Oh, and The Semi-Constipated: “Some of us who you would consider semi-constipated actually do feel a lot of pain. You don’t have a monopoly on constipation you know.” As for The Small Peniseseses, I never said that the ownership of a small penis [...]

Email: Best wishes in growing up

The interview I had with the reporter from the Associated Press apparently ran yesterday and was picked up by every news source on both sides of the equator. I can always tell that a story about blogging and the workplace has run because I get a barrage of what I like to call Drive-By Zealots, [...]

Email: Before you delete this, THIS IS NOT SPAM (unbelievable how many subject lines say this exact thing)

Yesterday I got my first fan mail from an 11-year-old blogger (hi! Davis) in which he said to me, “I hope that you keep those keys clickin’ until the arthritic kicks in (give it time…).” An 11-year-old said to me, “Give it time.” The wisdom of kids these days! Receiving that email makes me feel [...]

Email: The No Poop Policy

From: L. Subject: The No Poop Policy I thought you may enjoy this conversation I had with a coworker yesterday. We work in a fairly large [place of employment disguised because no one else should get in trouble for this website] center where the admin department is at the top of the building near…gasp…the employee [...]

Oh, mah darlin’ GEORGE!

GEORGE! left for Texas yesterday morning. He dropped out of BYU (like any SANE person should) and is going to continue his education somewhere else in Texas. I cannot even articulate how much I am going to miss that cuddly bastard. Sometimes when we wake up on Sunday morning and he isn’t asleep on our [...]

Email: Merry Christmas

UPDATE! Djnieme@aol.com just sent me ANOTHER email telling me that I’m not being vigilant enough about Leta’s sensory issues and that because of that Leta is going to grow up and become autistic. I’m so not kidding. —— Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes for the holidays and who sent me wonderful [...]