Small, small world

Last week I mentioned that yet again I had lost one of Leta’s socks on a walk. A day later I received this email in my inbox: “Is it a Baby Gap sock sort of beige-y with blue flowers? … I thought I saw you walking on [street A] a couple weeks ago when I [...]

Email: Can’t we just leave my hair out of this?

Last week I got this email from a woman who I definitely DO NOT want to party with. It was an email full of exclamation points, you know the kind, and she called me an uneducated idiot because I am not going to vote for Bush on election day. I was going to reprint the [...]

The Chuck Tissue Chewage Disaster

Did you know that if you write a little story on your website about your dog and how he chews up tissue paper when you leave the house that you will receive a flood of email concerning what you are doing wrong with that dog? That apparently you don’t love your dog enough, and so [...]

Email: Hate is all you need

From: Katy Subject: drunken parenting? Heather- I was alarmed and disheartened upon reading that Jon was drunk and watching Jeopardy! in your home the other day. Do you really think it’s wise to be drunk while poor, little, defenseless Leta is in the house? And so what if she was asleep! What if she woke [...]

Email: I Lack the Fibre

From: Subject: none I read some of your website and quite frankly was astonished that you are a person that has had a child at all…..I think some people should just leave such wonderful experiences to those who have the stamina and fibre to do such things!!! Having a baby is a WONDERFUL experience, [...]

Of Lima Beans and Pickle Juice

There is a wonderful man in Texas named Bill who sends me email from time to time about the things he remembers about raising his kids who are a bit older now, one of whom is studying to be a rocket scientist. I always wait to read them until Jon gets home, and then I [...]

Email: Poop

Hey Heather, Few people in the world will find this amusing…thought you might be one of them.  A co-worker told me 5 minutes ago that she was uber constipated while pregnant due to her triple dose of iron pills and the fact that pooping is a chore for her to begin with.  While giving birth — not [...]

Slate Gray Victorian Sell-Out

Earlier this year before Leta was born when I was in a state of behemoth, swollen proportions and prone to crying at the beauty of a saltine cracker, I got the following email in my dooce inbox: Subject: welfare journaling I found your site through some other site. It’s obviously a well designed site that [...]

The Italian Job

About a year ago I said something on this site about how I felt guilty for wrapping spaghetti around Chuck’s snout just so that I could watch him bare his fangs and try to get it off. I have received email from The Anti-Spaghetti Around the Dog’s Snout People who seem to think that subjecting [...]


Today was a really bad day. I don’t know how many more bad days I can have or that I can put my husband through. I don’t know how many hurtful, judgmental emails I can receive before I decide that this is enough. I get many, many wonderful emails, and thank you for those. I [...]