Sketchbook by Lotte Klaver in Amsterdam (thanks for the link, Paul)


From “A Softer World” by Emily and Joey: The guy at the store said this plant had spores… The trick to pet names… I woke shaking… When my mother died… We bet him… From “The Daily Mumps” by Dave Thomas: Always keep the receipt They have no souls Tough love Save the veals Don’t look [...]


A woman’s work is never done. Meow. Name that poop. Chuck, pay attention. This is a real dog. Love is… All this photo needs is some spaghetti. Best photo ever.

In case you hadn’t seen this yet

You have to love a man with this level of Photoshop skills, and a woman whose tongue can do that.

Enjoying more than you’ll ever know

Just imagine her boobs at the end of her third trimester. I really, REALLY hope she blogs her whole experience. And opens up comments.

Heather is good for licking

I haven’t even uploaded half of my Moab photos to FLICKR and my right trackpad forearm is about to fall off. I also laughed a great deal at this photo and I keep going back to look at it because… the title, SO TRUE.

Enjoying (oh yeah)

HOTT STUFF COMING THROUGH. Apparently George wore these the last time he stayed over at our house. I don’t remember them — believe me, I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE REMEMBERED THEM — but Chuck found them so irresistible that he snuggled up to George’s butt all. night. long. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to?


Happy Birthday, GEORGE! When he was little he used to call me Amber because he couldn’t say Heather. SEE IF YOUR HEART CAN WITHSTAND THAT.


“The Whole Damn Family” by Laurie Mecham, Emily’s mother, Emily being the one Chuck was so excited to see the other night that the consequent hours of gulping for air caused him to throw up grass on the rug three times in the middle of the night. Emily will soon be receiving the cleaning bill [...]


Emily, our new friend, you know the one, She For Whom Chuck Breaks Out the Lipstick (if you know what I’m sayin’), she finally up and went and got herself some of that Internet web space. I have officially forgiven her for stealing Chuck’s heart because she labels pictures of her friends with subject lines [...]