The teen years

That one and this one were here to help celebrate Leta’s birthday and spread Mormon cheer.

Carolyn and Lem

And early Christmas present of friends from my childhood.

A few words of gratitude

Cliché or tradition, it never hurts to take inventory of they who make my life so wonderful.

Fall Break 2013

My favorite type of vacation with the kids, although the world traveler in me is so excited about the possibility of showing them more.

To the Uintah Basin we go

A much needed fall break for three girls, two dogs, and the squirrels who have been tormented in the backyard.

In loving memory

This was a post I never wanted to write.

It’s not even August and already we are armed

Weathering a heat wave with the help of my family and that which turns Marlo into a Golden Retriever.

Where the heart is

A space to breathe and assess where I’ve been and where I want to go.

Circa 1978

Happy birthday, dear Avon World Sales Leader.

“Who will survive? Who will survive?”

This is your Sunday school lesson for the week.