The only shape that I know how to draw popped up in the backyard.


What’s the Hawaiian expression for “I am going to pee on your couch”?

The spring of our discontent

Deceptively beautiful Kryptonite hanging from a tree. I can no longer lift cars or stop moving trains or seduce Lois Lane.

Alert the floriculturists!

Unfortunately they were born one of Marlo’s favorite colors so their lifespan is in serious danger.


I don’t know the name of the flower, but I don’t need to to understand that this is just crazy.

Baby, it is damn cold outside

For those of us stuck in this ongoing, never ending, ball-freezing cold front.

No filter

Remember a world without Instagram filters?

That strange new neighbor

Don’t have such a beautiful yard if you don’t want me to photograph it.

What the kid dragged in

Look what she found in the yard.

Gleeful jubilant jubilation

This is my version of Disneyland.