Who run this mother?

This goes out to all my girls that’s in the club rocking the latest.

They (heart) sleepovers

The good news is that this time they didn’t end up in the backyard at 5AM yelling to see if any of the neighbors were awake.

Carolyn and Lem

And early Christmas present of friends from my childhood.

Dusting off my Southern hospitality

By the end of the night everyone was speaking with a drawl and swapping stories about the mud flaps on their pickup trucks.

Four women and a Madonna concert

Back in January? February? A long, long time ago. We’ll just go with that. In a galaxy far away.

Cecret Lake

On the Fourth of July I accompanied Chris and Carol on a hike up to Cecret Lake, a small watershed up the hill from Alta Ski Resort. Glorious. Just, indescribably magnificent.

I believe in miracles

This is Harry, Chris and Carol’s son. Harry is now 12, but I’ve known him since he was four. On the Fourth of July I approached him with my camera and without any provocation he waved at me. Harry is a painfully shy boy who has never said hello to me or even acknowledged my [...]

The Grzybowskis

This is Chris and Carol, the guests who stayed with me last week, my old next door neighbors. I hadn’t seen them in almost two years, and like great friends we picked up right where we left off. They headed back to Minnesota on Saturday morning and sadly it felt like saying goodbye to them [...]

Leah and Joe

This was taken on Friday night after Leah and I drove through a blizzard to pick up Joe from the airport. She thought we were going to die, but did we? WE CERTAINLY DIDN’T. In fact, we lived. We lived and we loved and IT WAS AWESOME.

Once this guy tried to pick me up with, “Hey, I’m from Hoboken. Where you from?”

It’s that time of year again in Utah, time for the Sundance Film Festival and for all your friends who got the hell outta here to return to the Holy Land and party with you again. Tis this number one excuse to return to Utah, I tell you, right behind snowboarding and all the great [...]