Just a trim

In an attempt to curb the pain and tears and wads of hair in the drain.

Up and out and away

You told me when she was a baby to hold on to every minute, and now I can’t keep them from falling through my hands.

It’s only all I ever wanted

I cannot wait to break out the pink sponge curlers.

An advantage to setting the bar so low

Everyone who knew me in high school is thinking, “If only your kids could have seen you THEN.”

Oh, yes, she did

She is taking this whole Grey Gardens thing very seriously.


I’m joining the meme. Why? Why not.

The bald men in her life

Last week Leta told me about a nightmare she had where she was walking past a mirror when she noticed that all of her hair was gone.

The where of my hair

iPhone mirror shot. Eye roll in three, two, one…


I could not tell you what the hell her hair is doing in this photo, only that we need to get her some moisturizing conditioner STAT.

Approaching the Hill

I’m just going to guess and say that I’ve been growing my hair out for over seven months. And because I know you really care about this important global issue, here is where things stand: It’s long enough that I can pull it into a small ponytail which has made working out a lot more [...]