This is what it looks like to knock down a barrier in global maternal health

Many of you are helping to construct a building that will save an untold number of lives.

Sunday service

Imagine hymns ringing out from every corner of the countryside.

Alarm clocks

One of the very many photos to show my girls of a land I hope they get to see one day.

Baby, it is damn cold outside

For those of us stuck in this ongoing, never ending, ball-freezing cold front.

Dedication to Jacmel

A snapshot of the paradox of Haiti’s gorgeous Caribbean landscape.

Rue Du Commerce

Texture, color and behind me a loudly honking motorcycle.


A hidden jewel above a southern town in Haiti. Amend your bucket list.

Portraits of strength

Today I want to feature some of the portraits that I took that will give you my impression of Haiti better than anything I could write.

Thus spoke the travel clinic, and I kind of paid attention

Antibiotics! Vaccinations! Potentially harmful long-term medication! Preparing to travel abroad is like a giant frat party inside your immune system.

A distant relative

Every dog filtered down into its most common parts, a land of roving Super Mutts.