Baby, it is damn cold outside

For those of us stuck in this ongoing, never ending, ball-freezing cold front.

Dedication to Jacmel

A snapshot of the paradox of Haiti’s gorgeous Caribbean landscape.

Rue Du Commerce

Texture, color and behind me a loudly honking motorcycle.


A hidden jewel above a southern town in Haiti. Amend your bucket list.

Portraits of strength

Today I want to feature some of the portraits that I took that will give you my impression of Haiti better than anything I could write.

Thus spoke the travel clinic, and I kind of paid attention

Antibiotics! Vaccinations! Potentially harmful long-term medication! Preparing to travel abroad is like a giant frat party inside your immune system.

A distant relative

Every dog filtered down into its most common parts, a land of roving Super Mutts.

Sunday best

An early morning church service up in the Central Plateau of Haiti.

Hope in Haiti

My coordinates for the next seven days.