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Using summer as an inspiration board

bringing the garden inside

The only problem with this is that Chuck will see a large plant as something he needs to lift his leg and claim.

Now sprinting with both legs


Yet another first for my child who is drawn to books and art and writing elaborate fictional stories in a summer replete with physically breaking free.

I’m listening


An effort to adress the concerns of a very recent, very festive brouhaha.

Stuff I found while looking around

Just a quick heads up: I’m flying out to New York on Sunday to be on the Today Show on Monday morning. I’ll be on during the eight o’clock hour and ten o’clock hour. We’ll be talking about a few things (mainly my book) but I’m really hoping they bring up Al Roker’s nipples. – [...]

Bootylicious Since 1742

The other day I was in spin class getting my butt kicked when the riff from the Stevie Nicks song “Edge of Seventeen” started playing on the instructor’s playlist. And I was like, AWWWWW YEAH, MY BODY’S TOO BOOTYLICIOUS FOR YA BABE! Except, it wasn’t Destiny’s Child. It was the actual Stevie Nicks song, and [...]