For your dad

A roundup of ideas for the father who probably isn’t 73 years old and would rather write a letter in his own blood than spend $45 on a pen.

For your man

I know he’s begging for another cat, but you are the voice of reason in his life. None of these things require a litter box.

For her

Looking this over, I kind of wish my closet was this organized.

For him

I could always toss out the trademarked Holiday by Heather advice and tell you to hand him your credit card and hit the nearest mall. But what if he’s color blind? What if he gets lost? What if he brings back clogs?

The staple of the season

If only the women who lived in the Victorian age could see us now.

The pattern on the inside of my brain

For those of us who are going to check just ONE MORE TIME to see if all the lights have been turned off.


Ditching the sports bra because she made the effort to learn Beethoven.

For your dude

Ideas other than that really fancy engagement ring he keeps asking for.

Since the whole house is already littered with it

My girls have been trying to send me a message.


Dressing like I’ve earned the right to be my mother’s daughter.