If you’ve got some to spare, I’d gladly take them off of your hands.

Inspired by a month of birthdays

First person to make a joke about the elephants gets a poke in the butt.

Clearing off some cluttered countertops

Because I can’t find the car keys underneath three different phone cords, a battery charger, a package of wipes and a week’s worth of unopened mail.

What’s in your pantry

I’ve got cereal, sugar, canned beans, chili, pasta sauce, peanut butter, and a four-year-old who would fit nicely between two slices of whole grain bread.

Nook hoarder

My predictable little SuperMutt.

The number of foods my kid will eat just increased to five

I cooked and they ate and a swarm of pigs flew over the house.


You like apples? How about you wash these apples.

Early evening in the nook

The view while eating a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner.