My musician

Chinese water torture, kids playing violin. It’s all sixes.

To the Uintah Basin we go

A much needed fall break for three girls, two dogs, and the squirrels who have been tormented in the backyard.

Custom child portraits

Personalized art from my friend who routinely texts me the emojis for hearts, faces blowing kisses, and a steaming pile of poop.

OMG the ACA is like FML

Mara Schiavocampo, I would like to invite you to a special dance in my kitchen. Refreshments will be served.

Weekend play date

There is so much that I love about this photo and Marlo’s choice of clothing isn’t even near the top of that list.

Loquacious Leta

The enormous brick wall of fourth grade and how we’re climbing over it.

For Beth and Courtney and Courtney and Andrea

For the girls in high school who intimidated me so much, this is secretly how much you were inspiring me.

Bespectacled buddies

Bring it on, cold weather. We’ve got blankets, movies and a positive attitude that is totally going to work.

The whistles go whoo whoo!

You supposed to be up cooking breakfast for somebody.

Conversations in the car

Hopefully Leta will use what she’s learning and pursue a career that requires an inhuman amount of patience.