Behind the scenes

As the tension was building, so was the glaring difference in their demeanor.

Before she flew off into the living room

If “Little House on the Prairie” was about superheroes, this would be the prototype.

The canine contingent

What’s that saying? Never work with children or animals? Is that it? Then I’m definitely doing it wrong.

Starting the weekend with a pop

So much more satisfying than sitting in a dark bar and paying through the nose for a watered down drink.

On having bespectacled children

I chose not to yell about vaccinations in this post except for the part where I yelled about vaccinations in this post.

Hunted and gathered

Oh, hell yes, the cavemen made brownies. And cupcakes and ice cream and chocolate fondue.

During piano lessons

She wanted to take a duck home but I told her it was illegal and potentially lethal.

A lovely surprise

Who wants to talk business when there is fresh baby smell and oh my god I just noticed that foot!

Post-it poems

I get to write off my kids’ artwork because they keep stealing all my office supplies.

If you love someone

A portrait of parenthood in one tiny hand.