Job experience

I think I understand my older sister a little better just by watching my own children. I’m so sorry, September.

Little Miss Maeve

It’s those Boone eyes and eyelashes. Uncle Danny, you do not deserve in any way to be related to this kid.

Baby for breakfast

An infant dog whisperer. There are probably child labor laws preventing this, but I’d hire her as his therapist.

Marvelous Maeve

The dingo would get halfway done with this kid and be all, dude, I’m full.

A surprise visit

This baby is better than a tumblr that’s full of nothing but pictures of kittens being cuddled by bear cubs.


Adorable, content, and doesn’t have to pay a staggering utility bill.

You can probably tell I’m still a little tired

WARNING: do not procreate if you value coherent thoughts of thinking to the huh?


I think maybe someone other than the mother of this baby has been taking prenatal vitamins.


“Riddle me this brother can you handle it / Your style to my style you can’t hold a candle to it”


Leta and I are crying as I type this, and Marlo is trying to see if she can fit her head inside a bucket.