“Who will survive? Who will survive?”

This is your Sunday school lesson for the week.

The Hamilton Family Movers

We sang and we shouted with the armies of heaven.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.

Happy homemakers

My old friend Leah Peterson flew up from San Diego on Friday to spend a lazy weekend with me…

A shared paradigm

My psychiatrist after saying something raunchy: “If anyone ever tells you that you take it too far you can tell them that it’s nothing compared to your conversations with me.” Me: “And then I’ll list the number of diplomas on your wall.” Him: “I should have one up there from the time I served in [...]

The Study

There is a program in the LDS religion known as “home teaching” (for men) and “visiting teaching” (for women). Basically you and a companion are assigned families to visit or check up on once a month. It keeps the community strong, enables everyone to help everyone else, and is an absolute pain in the ass. [...]

Sundays they camped and read and prayed (and then told fart jokes)

(While Jon and I take some time to unwind on a beach very far away, I’m reposting some content from my archives. This one was originally published on June 23, 2005.) While bathing Leta a couple nights ago I broke into Mormon Hymnal Recitation and regaled my precious babe with a children’s propaganda song. My [...]

In which I continue to blaspheme

Something tells me that the person who arranges the Mormon book display at the grocery store has a hard time keeping a straight face: Behold, this image is in no way photoshopped. (Of course, neither was this one.)

The great and dreadful day of the Lord

Yesterday while standing in line at the grocery store I noticed that the Deseret Book display — Deseret Book is a Mormon book publisher — had some new titles in, including this delightful guide for teenagers: Like, I totally can’t wait for the Second Coming! All those people who didn’t pay their tithing are, like, [...]

Best Show on Earth

One of my favorite pastimes since moving back to Utah is watching the news on the local NBC affiliate which is owned by the Mormon Church. The majority of Salt Lake City is owned by the Mormon Church, including two malls downtown, a conservative radio station which is nothing but fair and balanced if not [...]