Storage room down, THE REST OF MY LIFE TO GO

I got more organized and impressed my child by doing so. She’s such a Mormon.

If you ever wondered what it was like to live in Utah

Here in the western frontier of the United States we are a peculiar people.

It’s all semantics and technicalities

It’s not so much “stretching the truth” as it is “snapping the truth in half and setting it on fire.”

I told her she could sing as she walked and walked and walked

I chose that title just to torture those of use who grew up singing Mormon primary songs. Good luck getting that one of of your brain!

Automatic for the people

Just when you thought you couldn’t adore this kid more.

Loquacious Leta

The enormous brick wall of fourth grade and how we’re climbing over it.

For Beth and Courtney and Courtney and Andrea

For the girls in high school who intimidated me so much, this is secretly how much you were inspiring me.

I’m surprised it took this long

I’m hoping that this is all just an indication of creativity and not potential criminal tendencies.

The whistles go whoo whoo!

You supposed to be up cooking breakfast for somebody.

Twenty years on

No, that wasn’t a perm. That shit was the real thing.