He found the light

That was my reaction when I saw the heating bill, too, Chuck.

Like a bridge

You can look back at me all you want, dog. I’m afraid of heights AND THAT IS A BRIDGE.


A snapshot from my hike with the dogs on Saturday before two trees got claimed by Chuck.

Can you resist the allure?

As we make our way through my closet Chuck is becoming more cooperative and ever more fabulous.

Gone fetching

If you throw it, she will come back.

To commemorate my relationship with wildlife

If you’re looking for a incremental way to improve your daily life, Chuck has something for you.

My dapper dude

Conveniently this scarf also acts as a handy modesty patch.

“Zonal sandwich mesh”

This year I resolve to have Chuck model much more of my daily wardrobe. He’s going to love all my sports bras.

Pre-flight excitement

Before I broke the news that I was leaving on yet another jet plane.


No animal was injured in the unwrapping of this Christmas morning.