Salad for lunch

Just one of at least a dozen servings of vegetables he should be eating a day, right?

Two puppies in the yard

In a previous life Marlo was a fish. Or a golden retriever. Or Jacques Cousteau.

Delicious morning sunshine

The dogs fur coats are so confused: to shed or not to shed?

Today I like her better

The rare occasion when I would recommend you ruin your life with a Miniature Australian Shepherd.

Because it’s 79 degrees outside

Today on our corporate campus we moved the lunch service to the back patio. For morale!

Burst the bars of death asunder

He is risen and so we celebrate with seasonal chocolate.

Behind the scenes

As the tension was building, so was the glaring difference in their demeanor.

The canine contingent

What’s that saying? Never work with children or animals? Is that it? Then I’m definitely doing it wrong.

Kitchen gnomes

What working dogs do to keep their minds sharp (other than the daily crossword puzzle).

Triumphant, temporary return

If only Coco would show the slightest bit of emotion.