On bribery and bravery

Yet another developmental milestone whose rewards are in direct proportion to the years it takes off of your life.

It’s all semantics and technicalities

It’s not so much “stretching the truth” as it is “snapping the truth in half and setting it on fire.”

She did it again

This four-year-old has never seen a camera in her life, obviously.

Preschool picture day

We practiced smiling for the camera which means I had to tell her to stick her tongue back in her mouth about ten times.

I’m surprised it took this long

I’m hoping that this is all just an indication of creativity and not potential criminal tendencies.

First day

Portrait of the con artist as a young preschooler.

“Because I am nice”

I don’t know how her teachers kept a straight face.

This is what is wrong with mommyblogging

Have you ever met a three-year-old? Horrible people. Little deranged convicts.

It’s official

You’re not going to find a more adorable preschool picture anywhere.

Little scientist

Marlo hasn’t experienced any separation anxiety when we drop her off at preschool. Instead she marches in and starts playing with all the various toys…