I’m listening

An effort to adress the concerns of a very recent, very festive brouhaha.

New landscape

Are you rubbing your eyes and doing a double take? Is this worse than if I had kidnapped your mom?

Wherein a whole bunch of you just roll your eyes

Last night I dressed up my dog as a cow and my daughter as an elephant and, what? What is that? I can’t hear you. Oh, OH! You don’t like the redesign of this site? Guess what? YOU’RE IN GOOD COMPANY! “The new dooce site screams ‘sell-out’ in a really busy, sell-out-y way… So distracting. [...]

I’ve Got a Fever

So Dooce 5.0 is up and running after weeks and late nights and naptimes spent designing and coding and yelling from the basement, “REFRESH YOUR BROWSER!” from the person making changes to the CSS to the person upstairs adding things to the content management system. That is what I need to say to you, you [...]

Drunken Dooce Coding Again

We’re not drunk. At least not this morning. Right now we’re migrating the new design over and you may see some weird things going on. Like broken things. Or things flying at you from the screen. Or naked babies. Maybe even naked dogs. But no naked people. Or people in thongs. Sorry. Bear with us [...]

Slate Gray Victorian Sell-Out

Earlier this year before Leta was born when I was in a state of behemoth, swollen proportions and prone to crying at the beauty of a saltine cracker, I got the following email in my dooce inbox: Subject: welfare journaling I found your site through some other site. It’s obviously a well designed site that [...]

Taking it to the Next Level On My Plate Down the Pike on the Spreadsheet

This is my cousin George. He has facial hair:


At the beginning of next month I am going to have to move this website over to a new hosting provider because the current company hosting this website charges a lot of money for the amount of bandwidth I need every month. I have tried to negotiate some give and take with these guys but [...]

For the Love of God!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided 10 days ago to redesign this website. I figured it defintely needed a change, but more importantly I felt that I needed to abandon my crippling dependency on nested tables and embrace the beauty that is CSS. Now people, if there ever [...]


We here at Dooce headquarters decided late last week that things around here needed to change, that perhaps a new look and a more focused eye to the future would be good for everyone. After several design review meetings equipped with floor-to-ceiling white boards and freshly copied visio documents, we managed to push this iteration [...]