Big sister, little sister

Brining back memories of my childhood and the big sister I adored.

A lovely surprise

Who wants to talk business when there is fresh baby smell and oh my god I just noticed that foot!

The one we missed

Time softens the heart of even the toughest older sisters.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.

Centers of attention

One tip to get your kids to pose for the camera.

Making a case for technology

An independent study showing that all those other independent studies can suck it.

Pick a hand

Sharing a special moment with my older daughter over the antics of the younger one.

Best sister ever

My marvelous first born, the big sister you always wanted.


Such a beautiful moment, the two of them side by side about to create something magical.


It is a very rare occasion these days when Leta turns to me, sees me taking shots …