Training for the Iditarod

A kid in a candy store.

It’s a good thing he knows how to swim

It’s an osthean! Of sthnow!


The untouched snow right after a storm rivals anything you could create with CGI.

Thoroughly satisfied

He knows exactly what this means.


Five straight days of love from heaven!

A girl and her dog

The older child interacting with an animal. Yes, that is a pig you see in the sky.

The cautious one

Look who joined her sister in that cold and awful mess.

The spontaneous one

This shot was taken about three hours into the snowstorm.

My sunny disposition

Experiencing a strange mood where I don’t feel like crumpling up the entire world and throwing it into the toilet.

The Winter of Our Disthcontent

When the two-day storm came to an end Sunday afternoon the final tally of snow at the house was around 20 inches.