Conversations in the car

Hopefully Leta will use what she’s learning and pursue a career that requires an inhuman amount of patience.

The past is beautiful like the darkness between the fireflies

A year ago Jon and I were in San Francisco with a five-month-old bald baby attending the Chawazek wedding. Last year’s birthday was one I will never forget, it being the one with the food poisoning and the puke and the nuclear diarrhea, but the day before my birthday was one of the best days [...]

For some reason I feel that George Michael should be singing behind this post, I don’t know why

The first several paragraphs of today’s post are going to be dedicated to Reservoir Dogs Pregnant Style Night Out because although there is really a lot to talk about I can’t reveal all of it here for fear of legal ramifications. The last few paragraphs will highlight some of the delightful things that happened on [...]

If you’re looking for Chuck’s adoption story, here it is

Did I ever tell you about that one time someone stole my dog? Yeah, her name was Bootsie, and she was a five-month-old terrier mix that we met at the Burbank Humane Society, and I loved her and she loved me. Her whole body was black except for her feet; they were white. That’s why [...]

Venti Disaster

On Wednesday morning I stuck Leta in the Baby Björn, put the dog on a leash and took a walk with my friend Beth to the local Starbucks. Leta was dressed entirely in clothes that have been given to her from other people: a shirt from the neighbor, a pair of cut-off denim pants from [...]

A Story About Someone Else’s Ass

Last week I had a huge portion of my extended family in town for the wedding of one of my cousins, perhaps The Prettiest Man on Earth. See:

Side Effects May Include Miscommunication

Yesterday Jon returned to work after several days of government-sanctioned Family Leave to watch over me as I tried a new round of hard core, side effect laden drugs. I’m not going to be specific about which drugs I have tried or the ones I am in the middle of trying because I would inevitably [...]

The Disastrous End

Last Wednesday morning Jon and I decided that we would join the rest of my family for a short hike just a few miles away from our cabin. This decision was a big step for me because the hike would interfere with Leta’s sleeping schedule, and I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes [...]

Shameless Internet Groupies Unite!

My sister dropped off a bag of Rice Krispie Treats yesterday and life now seems somehow doable. I crashed yesterday morning from the trip and the food poisoning and the day of running errands to get our lives back in order. When I woke up my eyes felt as if they had been taped shut, [...]

Have You Done Shane?

Yesterday I took Leta on her first extended car trip to look at some property my mother recently bought in Duchesne, Utah. For those of you who like myself tend to pronounce words the way they are spelled, you would be wrong in assuming that Duchesne is pronounced Doo-chez-nee. The correct pronunciation is Doo-Shane, and [...]