Probably more excited about carpet than I should be

So this is where I go off about how much I am in love with Flor tiles. It’s a nasty, dirty love, probably not safe for work or appropriate for young children. Some of you have noticed these carpet squares in some of my daily photos and have asked if I like them, do I [...]

Handmade cardholders and pouches

I don’t remember where I first heard about seabreezestudio, but when I ordered a cardholder made with fabric covered in adorable hedgehogs, I knew that Leta would see it, love it, and then demand to sleep with it clutched underneath her arm at night. Someone once asked me about the oddest thing Leta has ever [...]

The little things

What is this a picture of you ask? Why, it’s just a bottle of hand soap. Except, it’s not. It’s a pretty bottle of hand soap, and these? These are hard to come by. Because I have looked, and my journey, it has been a long one. This week I’m busy tying up some loose [...]