Dusk on Durphee Lake

So far Leta has caught four fish, and Marlo has almost dumped the bait into the lake twice that number.

Tanzanian sunset

One way in which I catalog my travels.

From a cliff along Costa Verde

There is just one moon and one golden sun.


A parting gift from the place I used to call home.

On Antelope Island

I guess this place is okay. Could use a little more drama, maybe.


A beauty far different from that which I find at home.

Saying goodbye to July

I am proclaiming this month a success. I think my children would agree.

Sunset fishing

Making blue, purple, red and orange memories. With worms.

Fire in the night

It’s been a long, rough week so I’m taking a moment of gratitude for all that is good and right in my life.


I don’t know the statistics for Prozac prescriptions in Hawaii, but I could probably make a solid guess.