Cumberland River

A view of the waterway that flows through Kentucky and northern Tennessee.

Another footie

Stopping long enough to admire the workmanship below my feet.

Honky Tonk

A quick trip to the city where I’d spend my summers growing up. Thanks for tearing down Opryland AND MY YOUTH, NASHVILLE.

23 Weeks, Photo Collection: Memphis

Jon and I have been back from Memphis for almost a week, and only now is he returning to a normal way of speaking, saying “What?” instead of “Whhhuuuutt?” and getting rid of “Ahhhh know!” altogether. We had a fantastic vacation, complete with samplings of fried okra, gravy and biscuits, and a trip to the [...]

Walking in Memphis

Jon and I leave for Memphis very early tomorrow morning and won’t return until next Wednesday afternoon. Jon’s never been to Memphis, so I’m thinking that after six whole days in Elvis’ hometown he’ll really come to understand what I mean when I say that I come from a place where people learn how to [...]


Since my 10 year high school reunion is in less than two months I’ve been receiving weekly email reminders from concerning registration fees and schedules and screaming, all-caps warnings to be careful not to MISS OUT ON ALL THE FUN! The president of my graduating class, who was president all four years of high [...]

Tree-less in Memphis

A week ago I received a harrowing email from my father about a violent wind and rain storm that wreaked total havoc on the entire metropolitan Memphis area: “We had gale force winds Tuesday all over Shelby County. Nelta [my step-mother] and I were sitting at the breakfast table at 7:15a.m. She looked up and [...]

Class of Ninety-Three

Jon and I have been watching this relatively new reality show on the WB called “High School Reunion,” and I hate to even admit this, but it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. I watch it with my hands over my eyes and an emergency whiskey sitting an arm’s length away. I’m sure it’s not [...]


There’s a relatively new reality show on MTV called FM Nation, and while I didn’t think there would ever be a show that could top The Bachelor or Temptation Island, the genius editors at MTV networks have somehow exalted unscripted TV to undeniable brilliance. FM Nation follows 3 groups of young idiots as their stories [...]

Don’t Even Get Me Started on Tornado Warnings

When I was a kid I was obsessed with making sure that all the lights in the house were turned off when they weren’t being used. I would follow my older brother and sister around the house turning off every light just as they turned them on, chastising them constantly, “Don’t you know what you’re [...]