Along Page street

I wish they all could be California days and afternoons and nights.

Current status

If you have a testimony about any home remedies for a cold, I am currently looking for religion.

I’m here to see a leprechaun

This is not a holiday I normally observe, but the decor of my lodging has a thing or two to say about that.

Thus spoke the travel clinic, and I kind of paid attention

Antibiotics! Vaccinations! Potentially harmful long-term medication! Preparing to travel abroad is like a giant frat party inside your immune system.

Hope in Haiti

My coordinates for the next seven days.

On the road again

A few things I’ve learned while standing in the security line behind a woman wearing boots that lace up to her knees.

What goes around

A public apology to my siblings who will flash an evil, knowing grin when they read this.

And off again

My fourth trip in five weeks and all I have for you is this one invaluable travel tip.

From a chair in the air

Taking deep breaths and hoping I remember how to sprint.


Every shot I took during the Madonna concert is totally blurry, but this one before she took the stage came out somewhat decent.