Strike a pose

So it turns out I’m not a pink tights/black tutu kind of person.

Right before the party started

I didn’t get much sleep last week, so when we headed to Arizona on Sunday…

Four women and a Madonna concert

Back in January? February? A long, long time ago. We’ll just go with that. In a galaxy far away.

Cloud Gate

I had a few minutes while in Chicago yesterday to run up and take a few shots of Cloud Gate, aka The Bean…

East of Michigan Avenue

I’m on a plane back home to Utah from Chicago right now, another one of those less-than-24-hours-in-a-city type trips…

Marina City

This is the view from my hotel in Chicago and it also happens to be the cover art for one of my favorite albums, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco.

All pain is relative

I’m on a plane to Chicago to attend to some business meetings for the next couple of days and…

On the importance of doing research

Without doing any reading or investigation other than flipping through the catalog of photos in my brain…

Third floor

Last week in Los Angeles I stayed at The Culver Hotel, a six-story building erected in 1924. Much of the cast of The Wizard of Oz including all of the Munchkins stayed there during its filming. Apparently they were not all well behaved according to eve…

Inland Empire

I opened my window just in time to see Lake Arrowhead where I attended a conference at the beginning of June.