First snowfall

Not the most terrible way to wake up, although I won’t be saying that come next May.

All Hallows’ Eve

Leta’s favorite holiday. Wait. No. Christmas is her favorite holiday. And then her birthday. And then Marlo’s birthday. WHY AM I MAKING HER CHOOSE.

And on and on

Yes, another image of the fall foliage. And some mountains. And a road. There’s a cloud, too.

Golden light

Walks with the dogs in autumn look like this. It’ll do, I guess.

Brighton before the blizzard

Coming out the western side of Guardsman Pass before heading down into the valley: a postcard from Utah.

Out among the Aspens

In the running to be one of my favorite photos of the year.

Oops, there it is

How Chuck did not end up covered in spines is a holy religious miracle.

In his natural habitat

No, it’s not the Congo, but he is not complaining.

Ragged horizon

It was a vacation, yes, but the learning in fourth grade never stops.

Overlooking Park City

Cue that one Coldplay song about the thing and the thing.