2014 in photos

I found my tribe this year, and if I accomplished nothing else that one thing makes this year one of the most tremendous periods of my life.

For Beth and Courtney and Courtney and Andrea

For the girls in high school who intimidated me so much, this is secretly how much you were inspiring me.

Her name

Whatever you do, don’t call her Marla Lou.

Now I HAVE to call her dude

One afternoon a couple of weeks ago I was inside the house helping Leta practice the piano, something that is nearly impossible to do if Marlo is not otherwise entertained. Because whatever Leta is doing, Marlo wants to be doing it, too. She’s a total …


The highlight of my weekend up at MaxFunCon (when I was able to stop feeling sorry for myself, put on clothes and remind myself that even if the bottom totally falls out and I end up back in my mother’s basement, I will have so much content to write about stealing my stepfather’s bologna and [...]

Welcome to Armstrong Inn, part two

Today I’d like to give you guys a peek at the unfurnished guest room and have a little fun while doing so. (FUN. WE NEED SOME FUN AROUND HERE. AND SOME HOT DOGS. Marlo! I’ve got an assignment for you!) You left so many helpful comments about what makes a home away from home for [...]

Shot through the heart

If Bon Iver covered Bon Jovi. This is probably the third best part of my day so far.

Does anyone know how I can make Papyrus my default font?

Of all the videos in this meme, this one is gunning to be my favorite.

And the flippers? Darling.

I had no idea bodyboarding was so badass, but after watching this I think I’m in love. Such a gorgeous piece of work, and I won’t ever comprehend how they shot some of that footage. Wait for it at 1:28. I think I just figured out the next bullet point on my life list. There [...]

For all of us who live with herding dogs

I have watched this probably 70 times and somehow it gets funnier with each viewing: