Behold, the Memphis accent

One of the many projects I’ve been working on recently is a set of discussions called Momversations with a group of other lovely mothers including Maggie and Alice and Rebecca. Once or twice a week we all sit down by ourselves in our own homes across the country and talk into a camera about a [...]

Her porn star name would be Dirt Digger

I just this second caught Coco on video both crying and digging at the floor because Chuck won’t give up his bone (something I got a still photograph of yesterday), although the digging in the footage I caught is tiny in comparison to what she normally does. Like that one time we let her out [...]

Pay attention, this one’s complicated

Several months ago when we had Coco fixed the vet sent us home with a packet of information that included a giant red piece of paper covered in a warning about how important it was to make sure that the dog did not lick her own wound. They even gave us a tiny plastic cone [...]

Pull a chair up with the hyrup

The Olympics is slowly killing both Jon and me by pushing us three and four hours past our normal bedtime. We’ve been trying to keep up with all the excitement, and two nights ago I finally had to call it quits at one in the morning and hit the sheets. I remember thinking as I [...]

Book signing in SLC, plus cute dogs

We have finally nailed down all the details surrounding my book signing in Salt Lake City next week: The King’s English Bookshop 1511 South 1500 East Salt Lake City, UT Thursday June 5th Starts at 7pm Word on the street is that the Avon World Sales Leader is going to be there, and I can [...]

You might need to run this through a translator

I bet you pronounce crayon wrong. YES, YOU. I’M LOOKING AT YOU. Someone today (hi, Yao!) challenged me to participate in the new collaborative Flickr group called Word Time which was set up to, ahem, “share the variations in our pronunciations with weekly lists of words.” Which is an elaborate way of saying here, record [...]

The Princess Song

The last few days have been wonderful with Leta, due to a few things that I will delve further into when I write her monthly newsletter in the next couple of days, things like LETTING HER PARENTS SLEEP and INFANT VICODIN. Tonight Jon and I were sitting on the couch watching Old People’s News, programming [...]

They don’t call ‘em noodly appendages for nuthing

Jon shot this short video of me dancing at a party in Austin last Saturday night, and I should probably warn you that if you lean in too closely one of my arms just might swing out and catch the side of your head: He’s also posted a boatload of pictures from the same party, [...]

The various voices of a miniature Australian Shepherd

Coco has earned several nicknames in the two months that she has been terrorizing living in our home. Among them: Gina, DAMN GINA!, Daffy, Cricket, That Awful Dog, and Coco Furrocious. That last one is actually engraved on her ID tag, and we like to think that if Coco were ever to take up a [...]

This is how new parents spend their Friday nights

Last night Jon was cleaning off one of the 700 hard drives we have scattered around the house when he stumbled across a collection of videos we took during Leta’s first year that we totally forgot we had. I’ve been sitting here for the last hour watching all of them, twice and then three times, [...]