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You Are Listening to Los Angeles

I’ve noticed an abundance of autumn-related imagery and sentiment among webloggers and clothing outlets lately, tributes to “the favorite season of the year” or “the perfect excuse to break out the otherwise useless and fashionably-offensive Ugg Boots.” Fall is in the air, as it were,…

October 11, 2001


Is it me, or is George W. Bush really Rosco P. Coltrane masquerading as the President?


Marumari: Supermogadon


10 Things to Know About the Middle East


How to Dress Emo

How to Charm Me

When I misplace my wallet, you resist the urge to remind me that such dim-witted idiocy is my own pet peeve.

How to Annoy Me

Slow down to a complete stop at an intersection that clearly doesn’t require it. Stop signs are just suggestions.