An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

I am My Father’s Daughter

My father, Michael A. Hamilton, buys Krystal burgers with coupons, and boasts about the money he saves to co-workers, most of whom are 25 years younger than he is. When my father wears shorts he also wears tube socks � white-cotton Sears brand tube socks…

January 21, 2002


Halle Berry’s collarbone has “rub me with butter” written all over it.


Dining Rooms: Numero Deux


Factor Design

How to Charm Me

Yell, “I hate you, beans! I hate you, beans!” at the beans because, really, you love them.

How to Annoy Me

Use the words “Neosporin” and “sweetie” in the same sentence.