An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


I never thought I could actually drink three cases of Diet Dr. Pepper, but sadly, I’ve proven myself wrong.

March 29, 2002



Feeling Guilty

For sleeping in until 3pm. Actually, I don’t feel guilty. I feel rested.

How to Charm Me

Assure me that my little boobs will never sag like Gwyneth’s little saggers.

How to Annoy Me

Think that I won’t add you to my annoy list. Ain’t nobody exempt.

Pug Out of Time

Right now, right as I’m lying in bed drinking coffee and watching “I Love Lucy,” the dog across the hall is crying. When I say crying I mean hollering in a desperate, currently-being-beaten sort of way. I’m not concerned, really, because he hollers like this…