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Find Heather’s Hair

  • What were you worried about, sister. The hair is hot. You are just as beautiful.

  • Like the hair, but the first thing I thought when I saw it was, “Man, that’s gotta be high-maintenance.” God, I’m lazy.

  • I still think that, as a brunette, you could easily pass for Carrie-Anne Moss, and that Jon looks like Ben Folds.

  • I’ve been a Dooce fan for a long time. (We have something in common.) Isn’t it nice when you finally get to see what the author looks like? It adds a whole new dimension to the blogcognition. BTW nice hair Heather. Mine looks kinda like that when I get out of bed in the morning.

  • Look at you, such a cutie. yes, you are cute, very cute. For me to poop on.

  • People on my list to poop on:
    1) Ed F
    2) Christina Aguilera
    3) The Sniper(s)

  • Don’t know why you fretted over your hair sister, it looks great, my god, how could you go wrong with that face- beautemous. The babies are angelic- like putti.

  • galt

    why was Jon Favreau (circa ‘Swingers’) at your family reunion?

    and the kids, they be darling.

  • Jon and Heather look like the ideal couple to get totally smashed with.

  • those kids have the most gorgeous eyes. and your haircut suits you most foxily. not to mention your fantastic eyebrows.

  • Those are really cute kids. But that parking sign is GORGEOUS!

  • galt

    on second thought, and upon further review of the photo of the be-spectacled guy, he doesn’t look like Jon Favreau as much as he looks like K-Pax. I kid. I kid because I love. I look forward to your postings, dooce. this stuff is awesome.

  • your hair looks mahbelous. but you two dont look too thrilled to be having your picture taken.
    the kids are the cutest lil bugs ever.

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