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West by Northwest

Here is a series of 50 photos taken a little before and during our trip up the coast to Seattle. We took well over 300 photos, many of them completely banal, so I whittled them down to a consumable morsel and tried to put everything in context.

Thank you for reading during this whole stressful relocation. I really hope you like these, you who read this website and you who make viable, useful and sometimes frequent comments. I read every comment left on this site, even the ones where you call me a xenophobic whore-bitch and tell me to bite your ass. Don’t think that I’m so cold that it doesn’t hurt or make me cry on occasion. Usually, however, you all make me giggle. Thank God for you.

  • no, thank you 🙂

  • Don’t be hating on my boy Gehry. The EMP is Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townsend expressed in building form. If you don’t see that, you are stupid and don’t deserve to look upon it.

  • So the beard. And the sultan of scrumptious under it. Do you get a rash? Is it a play-offs beard? Did/will he shave it when you arrive? Would those babies have beards? I dare you to post the culled pix too…

  • I think you should put up more photos of yourself! I remember when you had up the wedding pictures, very pretty 🙂 The pictures are beautiful, especially the ones of the sunsets.

  • Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

  • Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to hearing about all of your petty frustrations with Utah.

  • LK

    heather, what IS your secret? i own a nikon coolpix but my pictures are not NEARLY as beautiful as yours. i love all the doggie photos, too, they almost made me want to be a dog person. 🙂

  • Awesome pics. RE: the content here — we laughed with you, we cried with you, we vomited with you. It’s all good. We loves ya, dooce, otherwise we wouldn’t keep coming back.

  • tyd

    wow.. it looks like you had a wonderful journey. I really love the pics of seattle… you captured my neck of the wood brilliantly. Now.. how can I get some friends with that kind of view in Redmond? =)

  • I like the comments on your site too. Always good for a giggle.

  • andrea

    you’re the best Dooce, love reading about your life and those pictures! man! feel like sharing the script that put together that incredible gallery? it rocks.

  • Love the sunset shots. That alone, would be worth the trip for me. And I agree, Jon is definately the ‘make babies’ type. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures!

  • Bob

    Long time reader, first time caller…. or something like that. The sunset pictures were quite awesome. Makes me want to get out and start taking pictures around here some day….

  • Go ahead and mock me, but I can’t look at all of the pictures because the window they are in is too big for my crapass PC screen at work and there is no scrollbar, and I can only read the first half of each caption because then it is beneath my screen and it is all making me sad. Is there a way to scroll down, or make the window smaller, or anything, you techno-geniuses?

  • Ahh, these pictures make me so thankful I live in Seattle! They are fabulously beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I wish I could take artful pictures like that.

  • I want your life. Especially your dog.
    And your hair looks good, Dooce.
    And damn, you’re younger than I thought. But you write like a 29 year old.

  • Carrie

    Dooce, you and Mr. Scrumptious make me laugh and smile and think and bust a gut every day. I love reading about your adventures, and look forward to reading them. You are a fantastic writer and the photos and graphics inspire me to be creative in my own work. BEST of luck to you in your new place! OH, and do you mind if I use photo #36 as my wallpaper (is that the right word, for the photo on your desktop?) on my work computer? Only my workmates and I will ever see it, but the sunset photos are SO lovely, it would be nice to see it behind my little icons. Thanks!

  • PJ

    I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures, and the comments even more. Thanks! You may now commence with the baby-makin’.

  • pinky: i was afraid that the window might be too big for older systems. unfortunately, adding scrollbars to the window sort of compromises the design of the whole thing, and I tried to make the window as small as possible given its contents.

    here is a version with scrollbars, and with a resizable window. it’s not the same experience, but I hope you can see everything. let me know if it works.

    Carrie: don’t mind at all if you use #36. thanks for asking.

  • Your Nikon pictures are great — even if they are Nikon. I’m of the Canon persuasion. Love #50, Yankee Foxtrot style. Yipee!

  • I really enjoy your writing and I enjoy your take on things! I am glad you went to all the trouble to keep us informed on the progress of the trip out of beloved California. The state will miss you, but something tells me you may be back here sometime…
    In closing, and I mean this in every good sense of the words: You are such a xenophobic whore-bitch, and you should bite my ass! (Or maybe you should just sick Chuck on those that mean it in a bad way!)


  • Sheila

    Your pics are great. Nikon rules. [Dropped my own Coolpix; $200 to fix; might as well put that towards an upgrade]

  • OMG, now I feel like a total ass. I didn’t see the other comments about Jason Lee before I posted mine. Dammit! That’s what I get for not reading all the comments before posting my own. Just goes to show, though, that with that beard, you’re totally Jason Lee’d out, Jon.

  • Dooce, did you know that Jason Lee’s first job was at Taco Bell? I just read it online so it must be true.

  • Heather, please tell me you or the hubby went to watch The Price is Right at least once. It’s my dream to be on that show, because I know I could win the car, the boat and the Tokyo vacation. I am all about some Showcase Showdown. If you guys never went on the show, I’ll just cry.

  • see, you act so mean like some kinda blogging scrooge but we all know you’re a smooshy softie inside.

    also, your hubbie *is* *scrumptious* but you’re pretty sex-ay yourself.

  • Great photos. (I’ve always loved Seattle… now I want to go back again.) Keep posting ’em. I’m interested to see Utah from behind your lens.

  • While enjoying your photos I was also listening to an Internet radio station that just happened to play Nick Drake’s “Three Hours,” which is an even better driving song than “Pink Moon,” not that anyone at Volkswagon would care. Thanks for sharing.

  • What is it about the opportunity to look into the lives of others that makes the humblest, straightest person a total voyeur? Anyway, fantastic photos! Makes me want to take a road-trip. Or spend some more time in the States. Or both. Those Seattle sunsets? Unreal!

    Oh, and to the Very Very Flattered Husband: yeah, definitely Jason Lee. Though I’d say that’s a good thing.

  • ex southern babtist

    You are too cute. And no I’m not Bi. You are doing what all of us want to do in life. Good for you. I apoligize for the clumziness. Went to the office X-mas party. Talk to you later. Hug the DOG. He’s a doll…

  • God, even your logo is funny. Are you like some kind of steppford-commedianne or something?

  • Stupid Kevin in Seattle

    Matter of taste, Jon. (Which oddly enough is my name too, but one that doesn’t get used much.) Don’t mean to be dissing or ruffling feathers. I actually enjoy the Oldenburgian whimsy that comes out in some of Frank G’s designs, but I think (personal opinion here) the EMP is a crass, ugly lump. With the exception of the purple wall along the west side, which is beautiful. And I don’t see it as a meaningful tribute either to the chunky rhythms and zesty chord voicings of Townshend, or the liquid grace and passion of Hendrix (from whose grave I’ve stolen a few flowers, I’ll have you know.) But like I say, it’s a question of taste. “Stupid”? You can do better than that…Can’t we all just get along?

  • ex southern babtist

    where are these people coming from. WOW. Are they trying to make a name for themselves? It’s not working.

  • anna

    dude, i always want to see more pictures of YOU! especially since you are inthe best shape of your life. and because that way i can be fully covetous of all aspects of you life.including your sleekified glutes. indluge me?

  • anna

    um. sorry about the spelling and spacing errors there. i’m blind and really tired.

  • Thomas – from the banks of the Mississippi

    damn. i’ve always liked your photos. any chance you’ll have a link to their own page like you did before the brief hiatus?

  • pinky

    Hey thanks, Dooce. I really enjoyed the photos, and I appreciate your making me my own version! What a great site. And fuck, Chuck is a cute dog. He’ll poop eventually, hang in there.

  • moe

    So I’ve managed to piece together that you used some manner of Nikon CoolPix. A quick peek at Froogle ( reveals a wide variety of Nikon CoolPixes. Which one do you use? My apologies if this has already been beaten to death.

  • moe

    Argh. I’m so lame. I didn’t see the ‘990’ in the opening image…

  • yara

    oh, you make Seattle look so pretty. come back. take more pictures. i’ll even show you all the secret good spots to take pictures from.

  • nice pix. when was that sunset? i took a bunch .. could be of the same sunset. word.

  • Jub

    What’s so obvious about #41? Sorry dooce – I’m obviously not hip with the kids or US landmarks.
    Please enlighten! Anyone?

  • How can I ask if I could use some of those pictures? There is no email address on this site (I found none, looked very hard) and the one given in the whois entry for just bounces… Could somebody give me a hint? Please drop me a line (“use them at any way you like” or something like that) at andreas at prass dot org. Thanks a million.

  • Can I permanentize my name and ID on your Comment Tool?

    Those photos are great! Does this mean I do not have to buy a digital camera to get them on my Blog? My non-techie skills make it difficult to do anything on my blog. If I continue to use a regular camera , I will have to upload them in some way. If you ever have a chance to read all your comments and have the time, let me know. My latest picture is a mess because it was horribly scanned. I’ll probably go back to the one on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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