This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Settle the Score

My husband seems to think that “crayon,” as in “Crayola Crayon” is pronounced “cray on,” as if it were two words, like “go put the cray on the table.”

And we all know that it’s not two words.

The correct pronunciation of “crayon” is “crown,” as in “gimme the brown crown.”

Now that we all agree, I’m going to sleep.

  • Staci

    I don’t know, we pronounce “colonel”
    kur’nel . . . . . now what kind of sence does that make

  • galt

    april–whirred. instead of ‘word’. like, ‘word up, yo, that was a great post.’


  • Stupid me, I thought it was two words, but I was quickly correct a long while back. So that’s my two cents. 😉

  • It’s cray-on. And soda. Must be a remnant of that mormon accent.

  • Tim

    Oh, that did it. Staci said “colonel”, and now I have to bring up the “Colonel Angus” skit on SNL last Saturday.

  • Galt, that’s what I thought; it just made me do a double-take.

    And speaking of colonel, who here actually pronounces Wednesday wed-nes-day or vegetable ve-je-ta-bull? I’m not trying to say anything with that, as I pronounce crayon properly, as the dictionary dictates it should be pronounced.

  • cray-yawn. Don’t destroy my childhood.