This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Recently in the Hills behind my Mom’s House

  • Question

    I was just wondering if maybe you can comment on your masthead designs on the Mastheads page. Interested in your inspiration behind a couple of designs (including current one)–no doubt others are interested as well– and a line or two would definitely satiate my curiousity.

    Just an idea, no offense if not implemented.

  • gen

    i’m an amateur photographer, and i was wondering, what do you do to your pictures to get them to look the way they do? they have a soft, blurry-edged quality to them that i would love to reproduce on my own photographs…

    also, what kind of camera do you use?

    thanks in advance for your time! =)

    – gen

  • gen


    i take my comment back, i read through them and noticed you already had the instructions on your pictures page.

    i suck. sorry! =)

  • Now with Women in Suits.

    Oh thank the Lord in Heaven.

    Everything is well with the world once more.

    In other news, I think I’m becoming myopic. Or overreactive.

  • Whoa. You have so juiced up the colors in some of those shots. It really works, too. #14 is drop-dead.

    Shaving the beard!? Tell me it isn’t so. Was it nothing more than a tease? A whim? A mere winter coat? (Yeah, I know, it’s hot in the desert in summertime.)

  • once again, great pictures dooce. and just about the most perfect soundtrack choice…if you get a chance, see mr. beam and friends live. fo sheezy. (also, since i see you’re into calexico and i&w, check out holopaw, norfolk & western, fruit bats. hooray for subpop!)

  • I vote myopic AND overreactive.

  • Kind of like me.

  • joy

    Chuck is becoming such a good looking dog. You obviously take very good care of him.

  • French’s Mustard

    Happy Avril Fools Day, everyone!!!

  • Myopic Joe

    Here’s an addition to your puppy pic collection (the URL and picture are not mine FYI):