Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.



May 13, 2003


Taking Charge of Your Fertility


When Mormons talk about Kolob, that magical, heavenly place where God lives, I’m pretty sure they’re just talking about Super Target.

How to Annoy Me

Keep giving my dog all those goddamn biscuits. I’ll send YOU the bill when I ship him off to fat camp.

How to Charm Me

Wear that cute surgeon’s mask while mowing the lawn. It’s just so authoritative.

Jon’s Wife

So this telemarketer from Sears just called and asked for Jon. And since I knew immediately that it was a telemarketer I told her no, he wasn’t here, but if she’d like to leave her name and home telephone number, I’m sure he’d love to…

Feeling Guilty

For becoming the type of person who finds herself reading weblogs on a laptop while sitting on the toilet.