An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

How to Annoy Me

Sign up to do an episode of “Trading Spaces” and act all surprised when the designer replaces your bedspread with ASTRO TURF. What did you expect?

May 27, 2003


Would it be weird to ask for a chainsaw for my birthday?

Feeling Guilty

For jumping to all sorts of conclusions when I really should just be jumping on a trampoline.

How to Charm Me

Point out to a car full of adults, including your Grandma and Grandpa, that your mommy has fur on her bottom!

In The Mood for Food

Over the weekend Jon and I attended a relatively small barbecue at a friend’s house with about 12 other adults and as many children. Right before we ate all the children walked around to the adults and handed out handwritten food and drink menus: The…