Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.


Gisele au soleil

May 30, 2003


I have officially determined that sushi burps are even worse than having to smell my dog’s feet.

How to Charm Me

Give me one of those adorable baby kisses, with the half-open mouth and snot drizzling out of both nostrils.

Phone Fury

For about five months now I’ve noticed that Chuck exhibits a certain distaste for the telephone primarily by dropping whatever he’s chewing on, cowering and promptly leaving the room whenever the phone rings. At first I thought it was funny, like ha, ha, my dog…

Feeling Guilty

For adding that extra stick of butter to the mashed potatoes. Well, to be totally honest, for adding two extra sticks of butter and an entire tub of cream. And that cup of whole milk.

How to Annoy Me

Tell me that you are all “disorientated.”