An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


  • kim

    midwifegoddessannie – it is a reference to a will ferrell saturday night live skit. see

  • midwifegoddessannie

    I don’t get the cowbell thing…. is that because I am Australian? Somebody please enlighten my ignorant ass?

  • heathabee

    Adorable Twin. Can you imagine having two beautiful babies at once? Not often do you see two good looking twins.. usually they’re just average or ugly… but those nephews of yours are gorgeous!

    PS. I love the new design
    PPS. I love that we can comment! wahoo!

  • I love the redesign too! Nice and clean.

    Don’t feel bad; even my husband has trouble telling our twins apart. Like, all the time.

  • Liz

    That you’re feeling better makes the world better. Hurray!

    good luck with the new site, I like it, though I’ll miss the “Noble Dog with Pink Towel” motif

    Nice work boys and girls

  • Siobhan

    The new website looks fantastic!

    Great to see you back at home as well!

  • Nicole

    LOVING the new design! Welcome back Heather, we missed the hell out of you. Can’t wait for more posts on the new page. Thank you SO SO much for being my daily dose of reality and laughter. My days would be boring without your blog.

  • i love, i love!

  • Kari

    Thanks for another great photo

  • Kari

    I can’t believe I entertained for one minute the idea that y’all were spending a few well earned days hanging out and relaxing.

    Love the new look. Nice job.

  • Jill

    Love the new site! Who doesn’t need more cowbell, I ask??? I gotta have more cowbell. Thanks for making me laugh today.

  • I think you rock the socks off of the blog world. I think you rock the socks off the world in general.
    Twin is cute, and I love the new site. Glad to see ya back new and improved.

  • Welcome home, Heather! Everything looks great. Sleep, nap and stay well. Look forward to more from you. Lots of love and gratitude.

  • Barbara

    Sharing time:
    1) I love the new design!!
    2) I hate it when someone calls me twin, please name those kiddos correctly.

  • Ooooh…definitely more cowbell here. Looking good!

  • He has the same crazy hair as my son…Howdy Twin Boy.

  • ooh, mama, the site is looking dooce-e-ful. love love love the redesign. i missed the “currently” categories at first, but after reading the dj blurb breakdown geekery, i totally get your reasoning. it works. thanks once again for sharing yourself and your family so honestly and humourously and sadly and happily and all that stuff. very inspiring.

    ps- oh, hello twin.

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