This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party


  • Sarah

    She’s just beautiful! And boy, does she ever look like her dad.

    My bet is that her first word will be “Macintosh”.

  • shazbot

    Yes – she is very cute… but nope, nope, nope – still don’t want to have any babies! Glad you’re feeling better Heather.

  • Tell the truth. Leta did this entire redesign didn’t she? In a little sweatshop in the basement, coding for hours on end…her only reward: twizzlers.

  • Well now I know why you MUST nibble those cheeks!!

  • red

    ooooh, i want to skish her little fatty arms and cheeks. she is so fabulous!

    the new site is great – love the picture addition. so so so glad you are feeling better! 🙂

  • HazelEyedPisces

    She is absolutely delectable! Looks like she is ready to take off crawling and explore the world. What a sweetheart!

  • Andrea

    Am I the only one who thinks this photo is kind of spooky looking? Doesn’t Leta look like a little porcelain doll with *no eyes*?!?!

    Don’t be mad, I’m only telling it how I see it! I think she’s absolutely lovely in every single other photo!!!

  • aibee

    Don’t you just want to pick her up and squish her in a really, really, really good way?

    Damn, but she’s cute.

  • If I didn’t already have an 8 month old to squeeze, these photos of Leta would make me want to go and get knocked up asap. She’s edible!

  • Leta speaks in divs and spans.

  • She’s so gorgeous Heather!

  • laura

    Could she BE any sweeter? I think not! She is a sweet little muffin top of smooshiness! (Can you tell I have an infant? I’m well versed in parentese…)

  • kim

    jummy ;o) and i want a camera like that, too! and a baby… *sigh*

  • Ohhh, she’s so adorable! I look at her and remember that baby smell that my kids used to have. Now they smell like smelly pre-teens. And I want to gobble her cheeks!

  • I’m sorry – but can I eat her?

  • Sure looks like daddy. Is she think about css?

  • Liz

    OMG she is so adorable in that picture! You have the most beautiful family! Keep posting pictures… I look forward to each new day!!!

  • Oh my cute cute cute!

    Have I mentioned that I love that you are being called “shug”?