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The Brothers Boone

  • beachgal

    enjoy your mini-honeymoon!!! sounds like fun. I hope to someday take some kind of honeymoon, too.

  • roxy

    Ya, Georgie is cute…but all mormon boys have an element of “squish” about them. I sense that in the photo.

  • Boone? Well oh my heck, cause I have lotsa Boones on the Mormon side of my family, a generation or so back. We’re probably, like kin, yo.

    (I have just used Oh My HECK for the first time in my life. I feel so dirty.)

  • I’m glad the selling-out-to-google is working out. It makes me really happy when smart, creative people doing good, interesting work can get some money for it.

    Have an awesome mini-honeymoon. Here’s to some extended proceeding for you and the dj!

  • Oooo. The one on the right is even cuter than the beautiful one. With a capital Q.

    I fear he’s the infamous C, tho.

  • Sara

    They are all hot! Hom. In. A.

  • George

    I didn’t get married… Tim (middle) did. Robert (right) already is married. So yes I’m single, and yes please commence with the matchmaking. Also, there was a Daniel there, it was my dad.

  • George! It’s George! Hi George!

    I’m already married, myself, but you sure are a cutie. Good luck with the internet matchmaking–and watch out for those all-caps-no-spellin’ girls. That can be a bad sign.

  • Bob

    “I didn’t get married… Tim (middle) did. Robert (right) already is married. So yes I’m single, and yes please commence with the matchmaking. Also, there was a Daniel there, it was my dad.”

    George: E-mail me. HAIRYBEAR (at) AOL (dot) COM

  • Good thing you reinitiated the procedure 😉

  • Dooce! I’m so happy to hear that you and Jon are taking a little time off for yourselves! Have a totally awesome relaxing time!

  • Oh.My.Heck

    The one in the middle is H.O.T! Yummy. Have fun on your trip! We love Leta!

  • kim

    so are you saying that google paid you enough in one month to pay for a 2nd honeymoon? d’oh- sign me up!

  • Geeeooorrge!! George is here! [Everybody squeals and passes out]

  • Dana

    this is late but SMACK to the ‘you should be over childbirth by now’ comment, geezus there is no end to people’s stupidity.

    have fun on your trip.

    if I was single I’d be all about George.

  • George is cool, but I just had to mention… the post about General Conference just about made me fall off my chair. It’s been… *counts on fingers* …ten years since I went to a General Conference broadcast (I live in Ohio), and I can’t say I miss it. My husband totally doesn’t understand what’s funny as I’m laughing over your post. 🙂

  • Browser

    Too bad George is losing his pretty locks.

  • George

    Too bad i’m not loosing my hair, it just looks that way. I play with my hair a lot, and when I do, it looks as if I’m balding… but I’m not. If
    I was loosing it it’s not like I’d care, as long as I can grow a beard, I’m good.

  • George

    ps bob, your email didn’t work.

  • jen

    You know what would make that picture a million times better? If George were naked.

  • I totally have a crush on the George.

  • I’ll take the middle Boone with a side of fries, please.

  • rather than selling out to Google, you could have just created a small company that uses these fine men to help reconvene procedures.

    You’d make a mint.

  • lyndey


    I could just eat him up with a spoon.

  • Rowsdower

    When you get your T-shirts out, consider designing one for George’s fans, too.

  • Gia in Guam

    The George!! HAHAHA

    Ivana used to call him “The Donald” (Trump)

    THE GEORGE it is!

  • Has anybody else been clicking on the Google Ads just so that it’ll record as a hit from the Dooce site? Or am I the only one with enough time on her hands to open and close ads for stuff I don’t really want or need?
    Also, Hi George!

  • Molly

    Hi Kara,
    I’ve been doing that too.. Watching my clock go tick tock tick tock, and clicking on Google ads..
    Hi George!

  • Oh my gosh, it’s George. That’s the coolest thing ever! How old is George?

  • I think what we all want to know is, “Will there be blogging from the mini-honeymoon and, if so, will there be procedural play-by-play?”

  • George

    I am 19 years of age.

  • Lisa

    A girl from Idaho can instantly recognize the two pant suit- sold only in missionary country. Nice threads boys!

  • Tim

    Nice looking dudes.

    Heather, are you going to the Pixies/Thrills show tonight? I am guessing no, but maybe you guys found a baby sitter?

  • Yes, yes…they are all very cute, but you must tell us which one fell over from pooping! It has to be left or right…middle boy has no glasses upon which he cut his face.

  • woah, there’s some hot boys with curly hair! george should be proud to be featured on such a highly respected mecca of fashion and beauty. 😉

    also, have fun on your trip coming up! sounds wonderful!

  • Aw, George is the same age as me. We can totally get married. Or like.. eat cupcakes. Cupcakes are less scary.

  • While my mother never made me wear pantyhose, she always required that we take a notebook. Now, I don’t know if you remember how dark the 5th Ward building with the raffia/floor covering/astro turf on the walls got, but I was always damned if I could see well enough to write in my notebook.I think once I counted how many times they said ‘Lord’ or ‘Prophet’. That didn’t require writing just a line or dot.

    And we were NEVER allowed to sit with our friends or on the stage in the back of the cultural hall.We had to sit on the second fuckin’ row because my Grandmother always got there 3 hours early to save us a seat.
    Hell, we weren’t even allowed to go to the bathroom. I can remember feigning my period just so I could do a lap or two around the gym/halls to look for Brett Erskine or Jeremy Jessop. Or Tim Marsh! Or Tremaine.

  • woman lover

    I bet you that George was the Constipation guy.

  • George Lover

    I want to know if the Brothers Boone are also a singing group.

  • George

    I bet you I’ll never tell who the constipation guy was.

  • Yeah, I click on the Google ads to so that Dooce can get some well deserved $$$. We’re broke at the moment, so it’s kind of my way of donating.

    Btw, go George! Do that matchmaking thing!

  • *swoons* 😀

  • George! Hey, Hi George! Only 19?! Are you sure? Sheesh, that’s like, almost HALF my age… suddenly I feel so old.

    So, what are your thoughts about moving to Illinois and dating my SIL? (she’s 29, by the way)

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