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She looks like me! Kind of.

  • p

    sigh… MEANING – if she looked only like you and not like her dad, you have to contend with idiots saying “are you sure it’s his? guffaw.”

  • Ack! She is getting SO big!! I feel old.

  • there’s a theory that all children look like their fathers when they’re first born, and only later, when the helpless early months are over, start to resemble their mothers. the argument is that this adaptation evolved because men are hard-wired to take care of babies that look like them — ie., there’s visual proof that the child bears their genetic material, and is thus worthy of their time. like most theories containing the word “hard-wired,” this seems bogus and creepy to me. but is it anecdotally true that most infants look like their pops? discuss.

  • What a lovely young lady! Are you already beating off potential suitors with a stick?

    And, for the record, Heather, I got to vote in absentia from Canada. I mailed my ballot on September 24th, my ballot for John Kerry. It felt SO GOOD.

  • can I eat her up? just a little?

    gosh, where did all that hair come from!! Hubby musta been slipping her the miracle grow in his drunken stupors 😉

  • Since my husband is Chinese (and I am not), it was patently obvious when my daughter was born that she was his, and she did not look a thing like me for the longest time. Plus, people just see the dark almond-shaped eyes and go “Oh yeah, she definitely looks more like her dad” (unless said people are Chinese, and they see the brown hair and skin lighter than hubby’s, and say “Oh yeah, she definitely looks more like her mom”) But when she hit two, even the non-Chinese people started saying she looked JUST like me! My sister was at least honest enough to say she looked like a Chinese version of me. But if my half-Chinese daughter can look like me, Leta can (and does) most certainly resemble you at least part of the time!

  • ella’s ma

    My daughter only looks like my husband when she scowls.

  • Sort of. Uh. Not really. What if she’s not your real daughter? Better talk to John.

  • She’s adorable. I love babies.. until they grow up.. yeck.

  • I didn’t have the looks-like-dad thing myself. I’ve always looked pretty much like my mom. Although I somehow inherited a nose from my aunt, bump for bump. Can a geneticist explain that one to me?

    If I ever have a daughter, I hope she gets her dad’s looks. My husband would have made a foxy girl.

    And that Leta isn’t doing too badly herself with the Heather-and-Jon medley she’s got going on. She’s lovely.

  • Martha Winger

    Seriously, a playgroup saved my stay-at-home Mom sanity. At least once a week, I would have meaningful adult conversation for several hours. And my kids got to learn how to share their stuff and not clobber other kids, etc. Is this just a mid-western thing? I found that not many Moms in our neightborhood stayed at home. I got hooked up with a playgroup through our school district’s early childhoon education program. Forgive me if I’m repeating stuff you already know. I wish you all the best!

  • Sue F.O.

    Playgroup saved my hubby from going through the sanity WITH me…I had other Mom’s to drive insane, HAHAHAA

    Leta is a DOLLBABY!

  • You’re making me miss those days, when my son was little. But not enough to have another one.

  • aaaaaaaaaawww! soooo cute! she sorta does look like u in that shot.

  • Too cute. She’s adorable.
    Neither of my kids look anything like me, lucky girls!


  • kp

    she is SO. FREAKIN. CUTE.
    so cute.

  • Nope, sorry babe. Husbando’s gene is still way ahead.

    Look on the bright side…she’s beautiful! You could have had a child with Joey Ramone….

  • Tracy

    “there’s a theory that all children look like their fathers when they’re first born, and only later, when the helpless early months are over, start to resemble their mothers.”

    That’s what happened with us. My daughter was the spitting image of her father when she was born – you could have picked her out of a lineup of babies. But she is gradually taking on more and more of my features. Complete strangers comment that she looks just like both of us. She still has his eyes, though.

  • liz

    Prettier every day. And smiling more, too, looks like.

    (btw, you rank #1 on google when one searches for “mormon poop”. congratulations.)

  • She’s so beautiful, Dooce. Look at her. Makes my heart all smiley :o)

  • Liz

    OMG that smile is so precious! Wow… she just gets sweeter every day! Kiss her little baby cheeks for us!!!

  • Heather;
    Yes, you DO take pichers everyday!
    Just caughtup from friday, Wow
    And Leta does look like her mommy kinda (think tracys got it right, having a handfull of the little tykes myself…
    Maybe its time for an early form of Joy School..?

    Just a thought…

  • Heather-After a 16 hour day a photo like that makes me smile. THX for sharing. She looks just like…Leta 🙂
    BTW I wonder what she is thinking about.

  • How do you pronounce Leta?? My husband and I argue about this subject. Is it Leeeta or more like see ya Lata?

  • I have those same great stories for my husband when he comes home from work!

  • You know … Jon Stewart has been asking celebrities lately if his son (who is currently something like 9 months) can bang their relatively new daughters. (Billy Bob Thorton said, “Sure!” Gwyneth Paltrow was appalled.) Given how much Leta looks like you and how much, we assume, Stewart’s son looks like him, do you think you’d do Jon Stewart and, therefore, Leta would do Jon’s son?

    (That aughta keep conversation with your Jon after work on a high intellectual level….)

  • Plainvanilla

    Did you know Frank and Gail Zappa´s daughter´s name is Moon Unit Zappa?

    Guess Fifi Trixibelle´s last name…

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