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On guard, looking in direction of taxidermist

  • kinda reminds me of santa’s little helper in that pic.

  • In case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t, it’s really hard to poop while holding your breath.

    I discovered this today when I was trying to kill two birds with one stone – get over my massive hiccups and go to the bathroom at the same time.

    So don’t inhale a big breath and then try to hold it. That’s bad.

  • chuck looks liek santa’s little helper from the simpsons… I wonder what cartoon i look like.

  • jenn

    chuck looks like he knows something no one else does…. wonder what it is?!

  • Chuck keeps watch, as the rumours of GWB being unloaded from the truck are true.

  • Sandy

    I love Moose. Sometimes, though, I have to read what he types out loud to figure out what he’s saying (the internet equivalent of moving your lips while reading?).

  • Sandy

    Make that Mouse. Oops.

  • Chuck is so not Ben Affleck — that loser hanger-on? Chuck actually has talent, man. He’s waaaaay more Matt Damon than Ben Affleck.

  • Danika

    Check out Mouses site! It is hilarious! Although like Sany I sometimes need to read what is written out loud in order to understand it.

    We have a Chilis here and I LOVE it. They used to (maybe still do but I haven’t been there in a while) have all you can eat Fajita tuesdays… Mmmmm!

  • Danika

    Ooops that should have been Sandy not Sany 😀 hate typos.

    Oh and save a place for me in hell Dooce.. I would have done the exact same thing!

  • sivvy1013

    Looks like Chuck is in love.

  • Andrea

    Indeed, Mouse’s site is just too cute (and funny…!!)

  • I see the ben affleck resemblence!!! hes a hot dog!!!


  • You take some nice pictures, the dog is kinda cute :S

  • Molly

    Awww.. Chuck, you are such a handsome dog!

    Great picture, as always!

  • Cora’s mommy

    Cora gets called a him all the time. Even when her outfit is screaming girly girl. It’s usually old people.

  • beachgal

    Mouse’s site just gave me a headache….cute it is, tho….

  • To David Korhrans who posted that Chuck is “kind of cute”…KIND OF CUTE???? CHUCK ROCKS the dog kingdom he used to be really…I sincerely hope some day he wants to marry my dog. She comes with a dowery of neverending milkbones. Kind of cute …hrumph!

  • Chuck is without a doubt one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. Yummy

  • OH MAN! The cough syrup trick. Wrong on so many levels, but makes for great blogging. You should write that in her baby book. I’m going to have to borrow a friends baby next time I’m sick!

  • This is my all-time favorite picture of Chuck. EVER.

  • ed

    Hey what type of dog is Chuck? I tried to dig it up in the archives and wasn’t able to. Anyone remember or know? I swear I just got his long lost puppy cousin…

  • And I saw Chuck’s long-lost twin in the park yesterday. I was sitting in the bushes, minding my own business, and all of a sudden a very familiar-looking dog was nosing my ear. The spitting image of Chuck, she was. Except for the empty nutsack. She didn’t have one of those that I noticed.

    So whatever breed Chuck is, it’s the one that’s taking over the planet, apparently. And good luck to them.

  • Leon channeling Dooce FAQ

    For any and all questions regarding the breed of the army crawling, pasta guzzling, treat addicted former politician;

    “Chuck is a SuperMutt. We were standing in the lobby of the SPCA in Pasadena, CA, when someone brought him in on their shoulder. Sometimes he looks like a Jack Russell Terrier, sometimes a Lab, sometimes a Chihuahua, sometimes a Basenji. He is everything swirled into one. Our dog trainer in LA says that he has so many breeds in him that he has become The Generic Dog, which sounds kind of bad, but if you think about it, is kind of wonderful. He is Chinese and German and American and African and Nordic and Latin; he is everything.”

  • I love Chuck. And also? I cannot believe you didn’t get all indignant when someone called Leta a boy!! Most mothers freak. I’m actually kind of in awe that you didn’t.

  • debmjax

    At the risk of sounding a smoodge crazy….Chuck is quite the handsome dog and I have a very pretty girly dog named Sadie….I think they would make a breathtaking couple. She is of the “Mixed Breed” variety….I’ll send a photo…..

  • Chad,
    what HAVE you and your dog been smoking … scary! Don’t look Chuck, don’t!!!!!

  • What a handsome-smansome little pup.

  • Matt’s dog Darla does look a lot like Chuck but Chuck is one of a kind.

  • Christilee

    Dooce, do you ever barf from this? OMG! Chuck is :

    Somebody say a cuss work for crying out loud!

    Pick from the following:
    Shit, Damn , Motherfuck, Motherfuck, and Damn!
    Anything but this!

    That’s what you get for comments after photos.

    Let us have comments after your rant and lie at the grocery store.

    I am addicted to Dooce and always have it with my coffee in the morning.

    I want it strong and with out the” fluffers” (uh, sorry guys if you know what that means).

    there needs to be some ass kissing here and there, and I’ll give it unconditionally.

    Like you we want to bitch and moan too. I love you, the baby and Jon. I am though, getting sick of the soccer mom responses that this site is regurgitating.

    You (Dooce)have not lost your edge by any means. Your readers are becoming soft. Cock sucking soft!

    There is just too much Charlotte and not enough, Miranda.

    Please people don’t be mad for dogging on the content. I just have to say it!

    Cute and fuzzy is ok…sometimes.

    I guess I have to be the asshole of the week at that.

    At least it will get people to talking shit.

  • That is the cutest fucking piece of shit dog I have ever seen in my goddamned life.

  • Valerie

    chuck is a sweet potato

  • He’s such a handsome boy. Like a canine Brad Pitt whose feet stink.

  • I want to know a couple things about Anna, actually.

    1. Do you check out ALL canine junk at the park or just the faux-Chuckles’?

    2. When lurking, I mean, SITTING in the bushes, do you sit with your legs crossed or under you? I ask this because last time I hid, I mean SAT in the park bushes, I found I could not snatch purses so easily when I had to uncross my legs.


  • Kano

    Chuck is saying to himself…..Great another Tard with an expensive digital camera on automatic that thinks they are the next Ansel Adams

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