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On your way to becoming America’s Next Top Person With a Brain in His Mind

Last night Jon and I indulged in two hours of patently horrible reality television whose target demographic is homosexual men. I guess I am misleading you when I say that we indulged because that makes it sound like we don’t ever watch patently horrible television…

October 20, 2004

He likes the blueberry ones, with icing

Yesterday morning I left a portion of my unfinished pop tart sitting on the kitchen counter for a few hours. I realized at about noon that Chuck had been sitting on the kitchen floor directly beneath that piece of pop tart for over FOUR HOURS,…

How to Annoy Me

Continue to say, “Da da,” throughout the day as if he is the one standing there changing all those dirty diapers. It’s MA MA, kid. MA. MA.


I cannot possibly express the importance of marrying someone who knows how to wear a pair of pants that hit the shoes just right. So much flows from that one standard.