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A sign from God

  • Tom

    Maybe the message isn’t even political — maybe it’s someone finally realizing that “Sixteen Stone” was the watered-down, British version of Pearl Jam’s “Ten,” and getting a little huffy about it…

  • I wonder why I didn’t think of this one myself. I wonder if it’s too late to get a ton of those stickers? I wonder how long it would take them to “smoke me out” if I did? I wonder why hot dogs come in packages of 10 but buns come in packages of 8?

  • Whilst it’s nice to hear everyone preaching the power of the popular vote, you do all realize that it’s not the popular vote but the electoral college vote that counts, right? Which is why it’s most important to vote in ALL governmental elections, not just the presidential election.
    seriously. check it out:

  • angela marie

    I support many of the ideas he represents. I make my decision the same way you do, I imagine. Just because I vote for the opposite person you do doesn’t mean I haven’t put thought and concern into my decision. You can call people lemmings no matter which side you stand on.

    ‘For people who are voting for Kerry, are you just voting because he is a Democrat and you support the Democratic party or do you actually support what he is saying? Just curious.’

    I’m not really curious; I believe people make decisions based on what they believe is important.

    Do I like war? No. Do I fear terrorism? Yes. Do I think gay marriage should be banned? No. Do my opinions, because they differ from yours, make me a twit? whatthefuckever.

  • Em

    Is it possible this person also came to my small corner of the world? These are all over my neighberhood too. I heart them.

  • Em

    That should be NEIGHBORHOOD. Jeebus.

  • As we know from last time, the electoral college is what decides the vote ultimately. Check out

  • Kellie

    “For people those who are voting for Bush, are you just voting because he is a Republican and you support the Republican party or do you actually support what he is saying? Just curious.”

    Emma, I’m voting for George Bush because I think he’s the better man for the job. I voted for Al Gore the first time around and will vote for George Bush this time.
    The same could be said for Kerry supporters… do you support Kerry for his ideas and what he says or do you support him simply because he is “anybody but Bush”?
    That said, I did not post on here to stir trouble, just making an observation. Besides, how boring would the world be if we all agreed on everything? Who would Bill O’Reilly bully and belittle on his show? How would Michael Moore make any money? : )
    Kellie in Kentucky

  • kim

    thanks *shmee*. i put up a link on my site. i like the idea..

  • Drew

    Katy, why on earth would you choose to insult me? Because I call to everyone’s attention the inappropriatness of the act?

    Just one example of why it is so wrong.

  • Aspenchick

    Lovely! Everyone should go to They have the most hilarious political cartoons about the election.

  • My mission now is to find (or just make) stickers like those. Once I do, I will dress in all black attire, and commit the same delicious crime in my neighborhood.

  • tiff

    Emma, are you voting for Kerry because you actually believe in what he stands for (keeping the troops in Iraq, not making gay marriage legal) or are you just voting *against* Bush?

    Many of you preach tolerance of others, but can’t tolerate an opposing political point of view. Would you read if she was a conservative Republican?

    Kuddos to those people who can enjoy this blog while disagreeing with the politics.

  • Last night I was at a comedy show in Vancouver, Canada for the Vancouver International Comedy Festival. And guess what? Comedians all over the WORLD dilike the B-Man. And man, some of their material was soooooooo funny.

    On being a poor, frustrated B-Man speechwriter: Wait, did he just say “Get ’em”?

    On how the B-Man chooses enemies: “I don’t like this big blue country here. AT LAN TIC. They already have England SURROUNDED.”

    Don’t hate me because I quote the funny men.

  • I would crap my pants if I saw a sticker like that around here–here being College Station, Texas. That would be funny. It’d be even funnier if someone put it on a stop sign next to the George Bush Library…

    Somehow I don’t see that happening though… and if by some small chance it did, I don’t think it would stay up very long.

    On another note, one of the few people I know of NOT voting for Bush in my office is a Mormon. LOL. 🙂

  • RJ Hampden

    Alright, let’s continue this conversation in ten years when the truth can’t make a damn bit of difference and countless documentaries refer to bush et al’s cronyism and culture of fear as the new “red scare”. We’ll talk about this after trillions of dollars of our kids’ money and thousands of our family members and innocent foreigners are killed. That pack of wackos in office right now IS wrong. They ARE evil and anyone who supports them IS a motherfucking twit because they cannot and will not be able to back up thier shit with fact because if they had a half of a fucking brain in their head they’d KNOW histortells us we’re totally fucked. Kerry’s just as retarded.

  • Wow, people actually believe in bush? I’m constantly amazed that he has snowed so many people. Granted choice is our freedom and we all love that…

    I suppose there are people out there who can “relate” and “believe” in bush and cheney, but I’m glad I’m not one of em!


  • Here stands another Christian against Bush. Thumbs up for anyone other than G.W. Interesting to this sticker barrage happen in Utah of all places.

    Voting for justice.

  • Yikes!

    Well I live in Bush country (Houston). I feel so bad that my Kerry vote won’t count for shit that I went out and bought Michael Moore’s movie in silent protest. (well that and I contributed to Kerry)

    I probably hate Bush more than anyone posting here because I saw how he screwed our state before he went about raping the rest of the country.

    I’m sorry about that y’all, but I have *never* voted for that redneck idiot.

    Keep on regulating, Dooce

  • tiff said at 09:44AM, 10.22.2004:
    “Many of you preach tolerance of others, but can’t tolerate an opposing political point of view.”

    Yup, just another glaring hypocracy that branches many levels and issues. Hopeless isn’t it? :/

    Love your photos Dooce!!

  • Drew

    I must add:

    One thing that bothers me about the stickers, yard signs, billboards, bumper stickers, and what-not, is that they do nothing but further polarize both sides. If you want to change someones mind or influence them to vote for your candidate, then don’t you think the best way to do that would be to make a logical, fact-based argument, rather than simply say, “my guy is better; your guys sucks?” (or whichever way one would choose to phrase it)

  • oh man, more crap about politics. no one will ever agree, just like religion…
    people think that just by getting a new president, that all will be changed in this country, think again people. it would take more than that.

  • JM

    Those who are voting for Bush because he will be “tough on terror” really need to think long and hard about the long-term consequnces in OTHER areas as well. The same “black and white” (and non-thinking) approach Bush brings to “the war on terror” is exactly what he brings to all other areas of policy – from education to choice to gay marriage. SEVERAL memebers of the Supreme Court will be stepping down over the next 4 years. If you want abortion to be made illegal, even if the life of the mother is at risk, or in the case of rape, go ahead and vote for Bush. If you want federal, Constitutional discrimination against gay marriage, go ahead and vote for Bush. If you don’t want to futher miraculous medical advances through stem-cell research, go ahead and vote for Bush. If you want Bush’s religious BELIEFS to create and form LAWS for our country, then Bush is your man.

    My vote goes to Kerry.

  • Oh, might I add, the hypocracy stems from both wings.

    Don’t worry guys, no sense in arguing. Your country is screwed either way.

    Fear and consume people, fear and consume.

    Oh yeah, don’t be all committed and gay either.

  • Emma

    Tiff, I’m voting for Kerry because I do believe in what he stands for AND I’m voting against Bush. I respect different opinions if it is an educated decision that they are making.

    I asked the previous question because I have came across so many people who says “I don’t necessary agree with Bush or like him, but I’m a Republican so I’m voting for Bush.” I’m not saying that everyone who is voting for Bush is this way at all. I’m sure there are some Democrats who are voting for Kerry just because they are Democrats but I have not came across any.

    Some of my relatives who live in Arizona are voting for Bush, but a most them have no idea what’s going on in the world. They didn’t even watch any of the debates, they don’t even know what Bush stands for.

    I’m glad that everyone here seems to be taking this election seriously no matter who you may be voting for. Didn’t mean to insult anyone and I certainly wasn’t saying “if you’re voting for Bush, you must not know anything”.

  • When we lived in NC we saw a lot of “Stop Rape” stop signs. And we’re like I mean, do people (besides complete asshats) really want to “Start rape?” Isn’t it a whole no-no as a whole?

  • Dre

    I love it!


    Livin’ in and Lovin’ STL 😀 (So cheesey, I know!)

  • BarefootGoddess

    I think the eat shit comment was a bit over the top. Way to get people to see your point of view there RJ.
    I’m a registered Dem, my husband a registered Rep…election time at our house is fun. I don’t vote straight ticket though, I vote based on what I think is right. Sometimes it leans left, other times it leans right. Drives my straight-ticket husband nuts.
    I love Dooce, even if I don’t agree with every political issue brought up here.
    Here in NC we are odd. For some reason we vote for Republicans for the White House, yet send Democrats to the Governor’s Mansion. What’s up with that?

  • I love the photo. Says it all, doesn’t it? 🙂

  • Carol

    I own a travel agency and I’m sending you all Bush voters a free ticket to Iraq. It’s a courtesy. Take your loved ones with you. You deserve, stupid people.

  • Tracy

    “The same could be said for Kerry supporters… do you support Kerry for his ideas and what he says or do you support him simply because he is “anybody but Bush”?”

    For me, it’s a little of both. I don’t support Kerry’s entire platform or history – he was not my first choice of the Democratic candiates. Or even my second. But I still find more to support in Kerry than I do in Bush. If I weren’t a Democrat before, I sure as hell would be one this year.

  • dustin

    Heather 2 may give us all a reason to fear election of Kerry. Hey no offense.

  • I saw those all over New Orleans as well. That made me pretty happy, as, from a lot of stuff I’ve read, Louisiana is going to be pretty important in the election.

  • Does it disturb anyone else that this election (according to the polls anyway) is actually going to be close? I recognize that is something of a Republican Free Zone, but I am just horrified that there are so many people in the country who so enthusiastically and boisterously support Bush.

    Guess that’s just my own myopic view of the world less than two weeks before the biggest election of my lifetime.

    Go Angels! (Oh, wait…)

  • Sophie

    Thank you, Tom, for your witty comment. Too bad it got lost in all the arguing.

  • That sign is fucking awesome!
    I like Kerry. I’m not just voting against Bush (although, even if I didn’t like the other candidate, I would probably vote against Bush anyway. Because the man is the antichrist, in my opinion.)
    But did anyone ever stop to think: maybe it’s a hair removal clinic putting the stickers up, trying to get more women to get Brazilian waxes? Another way to stop bush. Hee! I’m sorry. That joke was sad and wrong. I will stop now.

  • Kano

    Cracks me up…..all the people that are voting for Kerry because of what he stands for. Each week he stands for something new so I guess he has all of you covered. I like a president that takes charge and stands by his decisions. Kerry will be weak and will get this country in deep trouble….He is a yes man that trys to please everyone with words and not with actions. Good luck to the USA if Kerry wins.

  • Fret not, Kellie… here’s another Republican who disagrees with (but enjoys reading about) the political opinions held by Dooce.

    Reading over these other comments, I am bewildered that people can be so full of scathing disdain for those with non-Democrat views. We are not “twits,” nor have we failed to probe the issues facing our country, if we decide to vote for Bush. If you want tolerance for YOUR stance, people, give the same to others.

    And Drew, I agree with you: defacing public property is not cool at all.

  • I wasn’t going to comment, but then I saw Carol was offering a free trip to Iraq for myself and my family members, and thought I’d jump on that opportunity.

    I actually have close friends who have served in Iraq, and they’ve seen first hand the gratitude and appreciation of the Iraqi people. Do not let the insurgents over there succeed in their desire to cloud your mind.

    On today there is an article about a humanitarian aide worker who has been kidnapped and will probably end up beheaded as well. She wasn’t there promoting a political or religious agenda, she was simply working to build medical centers and improve water sanitation. The radicals/insurgents/terrorists don’t like that kind of thing very much. So they kidnapped this lady, put it on the news, and are trying to use her to scare us out of the country.

    These aren’t the kind of people who can be reasoned with. A “sensitive” war on terror is out of the question.

    Politics aside, I too am a regular here, and I very much enjoy reading everything Dooce has to say. She’s an excellent writer with a beautiful family, and I appreciate her voice. I’m sorry that some people feel my voice is “stupid” because I happen to disagree on certain political issues.

  • Liisa

    I, personally, wouldn’t read this site if Heather was a conservative republican…
    Because you know it would NEVER be as funny as it is now. Conservative republicans are Just. Not. As. Funny. Only us communist liberals are able to maintain such a degree of levity in this day and age. It’s all we’ve got. Laughter in the face of uncertainty. Let’s hope it ends soon with not another Bush in the big chair ever again. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. Then we can just be funny without so much stress and sadness.

    Anyone-Else in ’08.

  • We’ve been seeing those around here too. Which is very cool, since Oklahoma unfortunatly is a Bush state.

  • “It’s all been done before…”

  • here in sf people have found wonderful ways to defile all the signs up and down bush street. of course, i can’t remember any of them at this particular moment…

  • Amanda B.

    I too will be voting for Bush AND enjoy Dooce’s site. I think it’s perfectly fine for all of us to have different views and opinions. Is having a difference in opinion supposed to mean we have to hate and disrespect each other?

    I’m not a republican or a democrat. I believe that gay people should have the same rights as straight folks. I believe in a womans right to choose abortion. I believe that Christians have the right to be Christians and non-Christians have the right to be non-Christians but that neither have the right to cram their views down my throat. In the past year I’ve had more atheists on my ass for believing in God than I have Christians for my refusal to accept Jesus as my “lord and savior”. Liberals can be really really scary too.

    I think the most important thing is to VOTE!! Vote for whoever you want, but get out their and get your voice heard.

  • Toni

    War on terror
    Occupation of Iraq


  • Torrie

    Ok, I am so sick of this Kerry flip flops shit. Sometimes you go into a situation with a plan/opinion, then things don’t go the way you thought they would so you CHANGE your plan/opinion. Adapting to changing situations is how intelligent people conduct themselves. Refusing to admit you are wrong or have made mistakes, and dragging everyone along for the ride on your personal agenda, that’s how BUSH conducts himself.
    It’s so sad that the government and the media has everyone so scared about terrorism that people are voting for Bush because they believe he will get the “evil-doers”. The fact is that Sadam had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. This whole “preventing terrorism before it happens” policy that bush claims is bullshit. What about Iran? What about Korea? Also, is everyone aware that while Bush is sending all of these service men/women off to war he is cutting their benifets and pay? What a wonderful way to support the troops that are dying because of his personal agenda. Isn’t it important that we fix the problems here so that we actually have something worth protecting?

  • Jake

    Vandalism of public property is awesome! This is almost as cool as burning SUVs as an environmental protest–almost, but not quite.

  • annie

    I hope you wore gloves for when they dust for prints on the stop signs! Nice work creating the network all over the country to help you in your grand scheme.

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