An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

They still hang people in Utah

  • Ha! Funny, funny comments.

    Amber, #79 – I’m an ex-Mormon, here’s the deal with the caffeine. You know about the Book of Mormon, right? That’s not the only Mormon addition to the scriptural canon. In one of the other, less known texts, there’s a passage that says sonmething like “hot drinks are not for the belly”. Somehow, Mormons took that to mean no booze & no coffee and tea. But herbal tea is okay. And hot chocolate. But not diet coke. Even though it’s cold. Actually, it’s kind of confusing. I remember asking about it as a ten year old. “Mom, why is herbal tea okay? Why can we still eat chocolate even though chocolate has caffeine in it? Huh? Why?” I think that’s when they first figured out I was headed for the heathens. Oh, well.

  • kyle

    Dooce, nice picture for Friday, 22 October 2004
    Youre hot!.

  • Looks like a skeleton of a child.

  • Sam

    Snow pics, Dooce?

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