An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Email: Can’t we just leave my hair out of this?

Last week I got this email from a woman who I definitely DO NOT want to party with. It was an email full of exclamation points, you know the kind, and she called me an uneducated idiot because I am not going to vote for…

October 26, 2004


I attained geek nirvana recently when someone pointed out that this website is mentioned in the Jargon Watch section of November’s issue of Wired. And just when I thought things couldn’t get more exciting around here, I saw yesterday that Google is serving up ads…

When the Earth spins off its axis, you can safely blame me

“Jon, I have something to confess.” “Okay. What’s up?” “I’m so ashamed.” “It’s okay. What happened?” “You know the Interpol CD we’ve been listneing to in the car?” “Yes.” “Oh, God. I’m so sorry.” “What? What happened?” “Well, I guess that when I burned the…

How to Annoy Me

Pronounce Walmart like WOOL MORT. Have you no soul?